Vision & Mission statements

Vision Statement

To provide necessary resources and acute shelter for our women veterans & single parents before they fall into complete despair.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide acute shelter, mentorship, counseling, and life skills such as resume writing, credit score repair, credit building, interview preperation, effective shopping, budgeting, saving and investments. By female veterans for female veterans to ensure they continue to maintain a healthy vivant life. 


S.H.E (Saving Heros Everyday) counseling on resiliency, drug rehabilitation, and connecting vets with outside resources for any other help they need.

V.E.T (Veteran Education Training) connecting veterans with free training, accessing  their VA benefits, and classes on starting their own businesses.

D.E.P (Dependent  Education Program) under 18 years of age we assist with childcare needs, child counseling, reading classes and assisting veteran dependents over 18 with education, scholorships and other benefits. 


Grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for January 12, 2018. Tour will be given immediately afterwards and refreshments will be served.

If you plan to attend please RSVP via our contact email link. 

Thank you

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1. Q) Do we assist male veteran?

    A) Yes on a case by case basis. It is mandatory for a unanimous vote by all board members.

2. Q) Do you assist civilian women?

    A) Yes depending on rescources availaible as our primary focus is on veteran women. However, everyone is welcome to food, coats and educational classes offered at our local facility. (check your state to see if there is a WE near you)

3.Q) Are you only located in Tennessee?

    A) Yes however by 2020 we will have WE houses in St. Louis MO, Fort Lauderdale. FL, Petersburg, VA, Columbus, GA, Hopkinsville, KY, Houston, TX .... and maybe a few other places so be on the lookout!